The BuyerQuest Platform

Flexibility, scalability, and usability for Procure-to-Pay.

BuyerQuest is a next-generation procurement solution that brings the eCommerce shopping experience to the Enterprise. End users make better, informed buying decisions while enabling tighter trading relationships with suppliers.


BuyerQuest Marketplace is a client-branded eCommerce site that global procurement teams use to host all contracted goods and services for their buyers.

This intuitive, easy-to-use storefront enables you to deliver a shopping experience to your buyers that results in more on-contract spending, faster procurement cycle times, and reduced pricing, all while easily integrating with any ERP or Procurement system.

Web Forms

Use easy-to-configure Smart Webforms to quickly model, implement, and automate custom procurement processes that are unique to your business. Webforms are self-service, powered by a robust workflow and rules engine, and designed to help companies operationalize any spend categories, including services.

Enable as many webforms as you need to create structure, drive business logic, and automate workflow to address specific procurement challenges and gaps within existing procurement processes.

Requests for Quote

Enable collaboration between buyers and suppliers by using Buyerquest’s flexible, template-based RFQ module. Give RFQ owners and category managers extensive control over the RFQ design and layout.

Buyerquest’s RFQ functionality empowers Category Managers with granular control on the suppliers available on a per RFQ basis. Quickly compare, select, award a quote and convert it into a requisition and purchase order.


Leverage Requisitions to govern and automate the buying process for all goods and services within a single, eCommerce storefront.

Use business enabled administrative tools to configure workflow and drive business logic that ensures proper spend thresholds, approval hierarchies, accurate accounting, cost center, and location classification, as well as end-to-end transactional visibility.

Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders based on your unique business requirements and automate the process using any combination of extrinsic fields.

Automatically populate Shipping, Accounting, Currency, Attachments, and other relevant information from the requisition at both the header and line level of the Purchase Order. Transmit your Purchase Orders to your suppliers via the BuyerQuest Network using cXML, EDI, or email.


Receive both centrally or decentrally based upon various different criteria, including spend category, supplier, currency amount, location, or accounting logic.

Easily configure your receiving rules using a self-service model to drive the three-way match process and provide an additional layer of strong, automated governance to your spend transactions.


Streamline your Accounts Payable process by driving the highest number of touchless, on-contract invoices. Digitize and automate your AP process flows to reduce grief, speed approvals, and facilitate both two-way and three-way matching. Ingest invoices in a variety of formats including cXML, EDI, and email and flip your POs using the BuyerQuest Network portal.

Ensure all invoices flow seamlessly through the solution with accurate accounting, tax, and shipping information and dramatically reduce exceptions in the process.


Apply behavioral, big data, and machine learning technologies to your passive, unstructured datasets and extract valuable insights into the Procure-to-Pay patterns and trends across your supply chain.

Create a consolidated dashboard view of digital buying behaviors, key product and service metrics, as well as future procurement trends and use these insights to optimize spend, reduce risk, and maximize value on every dollar you spend.

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Say ‘goodbye’ to clunky, disjointed procurement processes and say ‘hello’ to the future of procurement!

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