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All-In-One vs Best-In-Class

Published November 26, 2019 at 9:53 AM

So many organizations that select an all-in-one, Source to Pay solutions (which typically go 30,000 feet wide and about a half inch deep) are frustrated with the cumbersome purchasing interface that only a procurement professional could understand.

All in one solutions - which sound great at first - simply weren't designed to do ONE thing really well, but rather many things mediocrely.  As your organization grows, so do your requirements, and you’ll inevitably have to add other technologies to it in order to stay competitive.

What's more is that these technologies require so much training and ongoing support, that the change management issues become more of a concern than the original problem the solution was trying to solve for in the first place.

The purchasing technology within source to pay solutions are wanting, they don't scale well, and they force your end-users to navigate through different UI's causing your end-user to make poor decisions for your organization.  

In fact, we've seen some of the user guides that accompany these solutions ring in at over 100 pages!  Did anybody need anywhere near that much training to buy off Amazon?!?  So, why should how your company buys things be so complicated??

It doesn't have to be.

One Best-In-Class, BuyerQuest customer recently talked about their experience simplifying the buying process for their internal purchasers. One of the critical factors was the fact that they were able to throw out their 74-page user guide and replace it with BuyerQuest's 2-page user guide!

As a result, their buyers are now driving more spend through their eProcurement solution, thus increasing spend under contract, increasing spend visibility, and DRAMATICALLY reducing requisition cycle times and PO processing times.

Begin with best-in-class, start simple and build in the technology as your organizations grows.  


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