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BuyerQuest Announces Renoir P2P 6.0 Software Release

Published October 20, 2015 at 7:00 AM


CLEVELAND, OH –  BuyerQuest, the market leading Procurement Software and Services Company, announced today the release of BuyerQuest P2P 6.0. Code-named "Renoir", this latest release delivers significant new components to the BuyerQuest Network, an enhanced set of shopping features, an improved user experience, as well as a number of workflow upgrades.

"With this release, BuyerQuest has introduced a compelling value proposition for B2B suppliers by creating a seamless and tightly integrated trading relationship with buyers using the BuyerQuest Network. We are bringing to market a supply-side solution that combines unique catalog management tools, comprehensive procurement and payables management and profile management" said Salman Siddiqui, Chief Product Officer at BuyerQuest. "On the buy-side, we continue to enhance the buying experience by bringing innovative features such as collaborative shopping, enhanced PO presentation and user profile management. This release enhances the procurement experience for both the enterprise and its supply base to create a win-win trading ecosystem."

New and Enhanced Features

Specific product enhancements included in this release include:

BuyerQuest Network

  • Catalog Management: An easy-to-use, state-of-the-art catalog management solution built with enterprise scalability in mind
  • Seamless Transaction Management: New self-service capabilities to create invoices, credit memos and advance ship notices, view purchase orders and much more
  • Profile Management: A supplier-friendly user experience for managing company information, users, and shared files

Enhanced Shopping Features

  • Collaborative Carts: Buyers can create and share active shopping carts for quick and easy group collaboration
  • Favorite Accounts: The ability to quickly select frequently used accounting combinations to expedite the checkout process
  • Favorite Locations: The option to further expedite checkout by assigning frequently used locations as favorites
  • Improved Search: Fast and relevant results to any search query across the entire BuyerQuest platform

Improved User Experience

  • Home page and menu improvements: Users can shop, manage tasks and get notifications in one convenient dashboard
  • Responsive UI: Introduces a redesigned interface that is responsive to screen size, including both mobile and tablet devices
  • WCAG 2.0 Support: Includes Full Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 compliance

Workflow Upgrades

  • Improved Catalog Data Governance: The ability to validate catalogs, approve updates and collaborate with suppliers seamlessly
  • Supplier Purchase Order Confirmations: Buyers are able to receive confirmations from suppliers when purchase orders are viewed
  • Enhanced Accounting Hierarchies: Users can view and select structured accounting data based on filtering
  • Configurable PO Templates: The ability to transmit flexible form data to suppliers for non-catalog purchase orders

These product enhancements come during a time of significant growth for BuyerQuest in terms of number of new clients and number of daily procurement transactions. As the company continues to extend its winning streak of new global enterprise customers, these platform enhancements will contribute to increased performance and greater scalability for BuyerQuest's growing client base.

"With the 6.0 release the BuyerQuest platform incorporates best-in-class big data solutions to provide scalability and performance not previously possible within P2P," said Nicholas Cron, Chief Technology Officer at BuyerQuest. "We believe our customers and their end users will greatly benefit from the 6.0 release and we will continue to innovate and embrace new technologies to support our customers."

About BuyerQuest, Inc.

BuyerQuest is a world-class Spend Management Software and Services company, founded on the core belief that the enterprise procurement experience can and should be just as easy as an everyday B2C e-commerce shopping experience. BuyerQuest delivers its end-users a world class shopping experience for all goods and services across the enterprise. Procurement and Accounts Payable organizations are empowered by BuyerQuest's intuitive administration tools to operationalize their contracts and drive compliance through widespread user adoption coupled with advanced intelligence capabilities. To learn more about BuyerQuest and the value it can deliver for your organization please visit www.BuyerQuest.com


Media Contact

Luke Batman

Vice President - Finance and Administration

BuyerQuest, Inc.


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