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BuyerQuest Broadens Higher Education Strategy with Ellucian Partnership

Published August 1, 2018 at 8:28 AM

BuyerQuest, a leader in cloud-based spend management software, announced today that it has become an Ellucian partner.  The new partnership allows BuyerQuest to combine their industry-leading Procure-to-Pay platform with Ellucian’s technology for higher education, providing a comprehensive solution to joint customers.  This partnership builds on BuyerQuest’s already successful strategy to streamline the Search - Buy - Pay process for higher education.

BuyerQuest and Ellucian share a common commitment to provide solutions that have a measurable impact for institutions of higher learning.  BuyerQuest’s Procure-to-Pay platform adds to Ellucian’s comprehensive ecosystem of technologies focused on streamlining the user experience for everyone from students to facilities and administrative staff at colleges and universities.

“BuyerQuest offers a unique value proposition to our higher education customers”, said Jack Mulloy, CEO of BuyerQuest. “Our industry-leading platform simplifies the purchasing process for educators and creates a collaborative environment for department-level purchases across a single requisition. This partnership expands on our commitment to help our higher-education customers increase user adoption, and by extension, on-contract spending for their institutions.”

The BuyerQuest platform offers unique capabilities that deliver quantifiable benefits to institutions of higher learning.

  • Budget Checks: For institutions struggling with tightening budgets, BuyerQuest helps ensure that spend is performed on-contract and on budget.
  • Ease of Use: Users are able to quickly learn to purchase without the need to access pages and pages of instructions or time-consuming calls to support lines, encouraging high levels of adoption, and cutting processing time of POs.
  • Collaborative Purchasing: Collaborative cart capabilities allow departments to work together on a single requisition, no matter what unit or shift, eliminating duplicate ordering and improving inter and cross-departmental communication.
  • Multiple PO Types: BuyerQuest supports purchase orders for goods, services, blanket orders, and other purchasing types that are common with higher-education.

“We are excited to welcome BuyerQuest into our partner community,” said Chris Westfall, vice president of business development at Ellucian, “This allows customer more choice with a solution specifically tailored to address spend management with a deeply experienced team.”

About BuyerQuest

BuyerQuest is an enterprise Procure-to-Pay solution that delivers a world-class eCommerce experience to procurement organizations all around the world. Our software streamlines and enhances the corporate buying process allowing our customers to increase user adoption, drive contract compliance, and save money. BuyerQuest combines the power of cognitive computing with the discipline of enterprise procurement, offering an agile solution that empowers companies to solve their complex procurement problems. BuyerQuest customers have the spend transparency, deep insights, and advanced intelligence capabilities they need to focus more on strategic priorities and less on tactical, lower value tasks. Global organizations use BuyerQuest to fundamentally transform their procurement experience and more efficiently manage their entire procure-to-pay process. Please visit www.BuyerQuest.com to learn more.

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