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BuyerQuest & Innovation: Evolving the Procurement Buying Experience

Published June 24, 2016 at 9:00 AM

What do the best software companies have in common? They know continuous improvement is key to success. They make innovation a core value. They constantly look for ways to make their customers more successful and improve the user experience. 

Our founders created BuyerQuest to give organizations access to a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) approach that drives user adoption, enables suppliers, improves the procurement buying experience and boosts bottom-line results. At its core, BuyerQuest is an eCommerce platform wrapped around powerful P2P functionality. Our mission is to deliver a truly different, intelligent P2P experience.

To ensure our customers have continued success with BuyerQuest, our software is continuously evolving. We work closely with our forward-thinking, innovative customers to collect feedback and help shape our product roadmap.

BuyerQuest is about more than aesthetics.

Our software is more than a pretty user interface that creates a unified buying experience. BuyerQuest is built on a strong architecture that supports complex workflows, large purchase orders, transparent supplier relationships, and behavioral intelligence insights.

Our seamless user interface is designed to:

  • Create an eCommerce-like procurement buying experience that drives high user adoption
  • Empower suppliers through self-services capabilities and visibility into the buying organization
  • Equip organizations with real-time strategic data across the entire buying community to reveal powerful trends and insights

BuyerQuest is evolving the field of procurement to keep pace with consumers, administrators, and suppliers. With an intuitive experience and powerful technology, the opportunities for strategic impact and improved bottom-line savings are endless.  

BuyerQuest adapts to ever-changing users.

BuyerQuest is committed to collecting user feedback, evolving our processes, and advancing our technology. Through regular product updates, we can address client requests that drive better business results for everyone involved.

Since BuyerQuest’s establishment, each product update we’ve released further sets our platform apart with unmatched usability, transparency, and performance not previously possible within the P2P market. The software is never static; it’s ever-changing to accommodate the growing needs of end users.

We know that perfecting the procurement buying experience requires timely, innovative updates to our software. That’s why there’s nothing like BuyerQuest in the P2P space today.  

Continuing Innovation

Our latest software release has more than 30 new features, including an expanded set of data and catalog importers, global eInvoicing improvements, enhancements to the RFQ module, and an even more user-friendly shopping experience.


Notable new features in BuyerQuest v6.6 include:

  • Streamlined shopping experience: Simple and powerful, the improved shopping experience allows users to place a request in record time
  • Improved administrator experience: With better access to more information, administrators can construct the perfect experience for shoppers and suppliers.
  • New supplier features: Offering more transparency and flexibility than ever, organizations can build stronger, more profitable relationships with empowered suppliers
  • RFQ collaboration: Bringing RFQ users together, new enhancements to stabilize and simplify the process make selecting the right supplier easier and more efficient

We know our software is forever a work in progress—it’s the only way we’ll ever create a truly perfect buying experience. The “Beatles” product enhancements demonstrate our commitment to never stop improving and empowering our customers with next-generation P2P.

Read the full release for more info.


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