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BuyerQuest Launches More Than 30 New Procure-to-Pay Features in Latest Product Release

Published June 21, 2016 at 7:00 AM

CLEVELAND, OHIO — BuyerQuest, a market-leading enterprise Procure-to-Pay technology company, announced today “The Beatles” release of BuyerQuest (v 6.6). The latest software release has more than 30 new features including an expanded set of data and catalog importers, global eInvoicing improvements, enhancements to the RFQ module, and an even more user-friendly shopping experience.

“Our latest product release sharpens the solution by enhancing BuyerQuest’s seamless B2C eCommerce shopping experience for eProcurement,” Salman Siddiqui, Chief Product Officer at BuyerQuest. “Our customers are thrilled about the new one-step checkout process. We are continuously innovating the product to provide the best experience possible for administrators, shoppers, accounts payable, IT, and suppliers.”

Notable product enhancements featured in The Beatles release include:

  • Streamlined shopping experience: Simple and powerful, the improved shopping experience allows a user to place a request in record time.
  • Improved administrator experience: With better access to more information, administrators can construct the perfect experience for shoppers and suppliers.
  • New supplier features: Offering more transparency and flexibility than ever, organizations can build stronger, more profitable relationships with empowered suppliers.

RFQ Collaboration: Bringing RFQ users together, new enhancements to simplify the process make selecting the right supplier easier and more efficient.

“We’ve extended our lead in the enterprise P2P market with The Beatles release," said Jack Mulloy, Chief Executive Officer at BuyerQuest. "Beatles’ further sets the BuyerQuest platform apart with unmatched usability, transparency, and performance not previously possible within the P2P market. These product enhancements demonstrate BuyerQuest’s mission to deliver a truly different, intelligent P2P experience. The BuyerQuest team is thankful to our customers who participate on our Visionary Council and play an extremely important role in shaping our industry-leading product.”

About BuyerQuest

BuyerQuest is an enterprise Procure-to-Pay platform that delivers an eCommerce-like shopping experience for the world’s largest companies. Our evolutionary software streamlines the buying process to increase user adoption, realized savings, contract compliance, and invoice efficiencies. Our customers have the transparency, deep insights, and advanced intelligence capabilities to focus more on their jobs, and less on paperwork. Global organizations use BuyerQuest to transform and manage their entire procure-to-pay process. To learn more about BuyerQuest, visit www.buyerquest.com.

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