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BuyerQuest MarketPlace and Maximo Demonstration at MUWG

Published November 18, 2020 at 12:14 PM

At the recent virtual Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) conference, industry leaders met to share experiences and learn best practices from peers within the Maximo utility user community.  During one of the breakout sessions, Scott Smith, Site Manager at Skookum and Kyle Muskoff, Chief Revenue Officer at BuyerQuest shared their presentation called, “Enhancing the Maximo Catalog Ordering Process”. During the session, Scott discussed Skookum’s use of BuyerQuest to enhance their Maximo purchasing process and provided a live demo of the user’s buying experience.

Electronic, but Paper Required

Scott talked about the evolution of MRO procurement over the years.  He explained the struggles associated with complicated purchasing processes that take away from the time to do repairs (wrenchtime).  He shared that even though technicians have iPads and the work order process is electronic, paper forms were still required with approval signatures to purchase a part. They struggled with low value, administrative work performing manual data entry into Maximo.  As a result, the organization was not meeting its corporate savings and standardization goals. 

Move to Private MarketPlace

Through interactions with other members in the MUWG group, Skookum realized that achieving an improved purchasing process is possible with an eMarketplace integrated into Maximo that creates a more consumer-like buying experience with all the approvals and controls of Maximo.

Scott went into detail about the ease of configuration of the BuyerQuest Private Marketplace. He noted the simplicity of end-user training due to the B2C nature of the platform. 

After moving forward with BuyerQuest, Scott shared the current Purchase Request process which includes the following steps:

  1. Technician Purchase Request starts in Maximo Purchase Requisition (PR) and “launch” into eMarketplace
  2. The technician “shops” for items in the eMarketplace
  3. Once items have been selected and added to the shopping cart, they are transferred back to Maximo
  4. The completed PR is sent to the manager for approval.
  5. The approved PR routes to the Buyer who builds the Maximo PO.

The process allows Skookum to perform all the key purchasing and receiving functions in Maximo. 

Live Demonstration 

During the presentation, Scott performed a live demonstration of the purchasing process from Maximo to the BuyerQuest Marketplace. He showed the ease with which users can move from Maximo to the eMarketplace, and the intuitive search capabilities to find the right products. He discussed how vendor data is loaded into the MarketPlace and the various methods used to access the vendor catalogs.  Once all the items were added to the shopping cart, Scott showed the items added to the Maximo Purchase Requisition for manager and buyer approval.

In conclusion,  Scott noted that the business is on path to meet the savings targets associated with the project. He highlighted the importance of supplier enablement, corporate champions and technician buy-in to compliment the technology and make the project successful. 

BuyerQuest Private Marketplace integrated to IBM Maximo helps companies like Skookum simplify and streamline the Purchase Requisition process.  By delivering a B2C style shopping experience, the time required to purchase items is significantly reduced, allowing technicians to focus on their work. The integration,  automation of requisition routing and approvals eliminates the need for a paper trail, eliminating tedious administrative work. 

Learn more about BuyerQuest’s Private Marketplace solution for Maximo

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