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BuyerQuest Procure-To-Pay Solution Stands Out Among Its Peers

Published January 9, 2019 at 9:00 AM

BuyerQuest is proud of our procure-to-pay solution's rating on G2Crowd based on user satisfaction.  We have received high marks from our customers in many different areas, including “Ease of Use”, “Meeting Requirements” and “Ease of Doing Business With”.  The administration of our product was also highly rated with feedback around  “Ease of Setup”, “Quality of Support” and “Ease of Admin” receiving very positive reviews.

Value of Customer Ratings

Choosing the right procure-to-pay solution has been a challenge since the beginning.  A business has to assess the various providers using internal and external data points to determine the best fit for their use case or business problem.  

Arguably the most valuable piece of data is the opinion of peers -- those companies that have already gone through the process, selected a partner, and have enough experience with that partner and their platform to provide unbiased feedback.

BuyerQuest Procure-to-Pay Solution Stands Out

With this in mind, the reviews specific to BuyerQuest highlight the ease and efficiency our customers are experiencing with our P2P Platform. Some of the comments include:

“it is easier to find items, which before I would have to research on my own. "  (Read Full Review)

“...the Greatest thing since the Chick-fil-A Sandwich!”  (Read Full Review)

“I find that BuyerQuest makes searching and organizing my purchases simple and easy!” (Read Full Review)

“The simplicity of searching by part number, or name. Billing is automatic, and shipping is quick with delivery tracking and confirmation!” (Read Full Review)

We are pleased that our customer base is realizing the value of their partnership with BuyerQuest.  Our mission has always been to develop our P2P technologies to drive high levels of user engagement and adoption. This requires close attention to customer feedback.  We included net promoter score (NPS) within our platform to encourage immediate feedback. In addition, by using technologies such as MouseFlow to monitor how users interact with our Technology, we are able to gather actionable data and collaborate with our customer base to create a product that is easy to use, drives high levels of user adoption,  and allows procurement organizations to achieve their tactical and strategic goals.

An Unbiased Data Point

Evaluating business technologies is becoming easier.  B2B crowd platforms like G2Crowd are providing an additional, unbiased data point to help businesses make informed choices about procurement technology and the potential vendors to invite to an evaluation.  G2 Crowd offers users the opportunity to include quotes about their product experiences. Their live grid shows the different products, scored in real-time, based on customer reviews. 



To learn more about G2Crowd or to read feedback on BuyerQuest, visit the BuyerQuest page

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