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An Inside Look at BuyerQuest: 5 Standout Procurement Process Features

Published March 17, 2016 at 11:30 AM

We’re passionate about perfecting the buying experience of the procurement process. That’s why we created BuyerQuest—to give users what they want. In fact, we’re the first company to marry eCommerce and enterprise eProcurement for a more streamlined and efficient procurement process. It’s a long overdue disruption, but with the right team and a passion for procurement, we made it happen.

Helping BuyerQuest's Solution Stand Out

What makes BuyerQuest so different? To start, these five features make our solution stand out and have a true impact on the procurement process.


1. Single User Interface

Our eCommerce approach creates a simple, seamless experience that encourages users to shop within negotiated contracts and helps organizations realize hard savings. Here’s how:

  • Users browse and compare goods and services across all suppliers within a single marketplace.
  • Shoppers can put products from different suppliers, priced in different currencies, into their cart.
  • No user training is necessary because the eCommerce interface is so intuitive.
  • Within the interface, all transmitted documents between customer and supplier are saved for searching using the universal search bar.

The benefits of a single interface aren’t just for end-users. It makes life easier for suppliers too. Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality is built into BuyerQuest, making it easy for suppliers to adjust prices on products or services without ever leaving the site.

In short, we’re doing our best to make Punchouts an inconvenience of the past. At BuyerQuest, we know both end users and suppliers want an experience that’s easy to navigate. So that’s what we give them.


2. Searchable Content

Finding the right product is often the most complex part of the procurement process. Search and browse go hand-in-hand. Without the two working together, a positive website experience simply isn’t possible. That’s why “findability” is one of our best features.

With BuyerQuest, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or punched out searching for what you need. Our state-of-the-art search capabilities are designed to seamlessly bring what you’re looking for to you without ever leaving the BuyerQuest solution.

All of our customers have control over how products and services are filtered in search. We can even curate search results and drive users to preferred suppliers and products using a custom algorithm. It’s not complicated; it’s configurable.




3. Flexibility

Every organization is unique. Logos, color schemes, typefaces—they all vary from one business to another. That’s why BuyerQuest does too.

Our engineers use CSS theming to allow our customers to design the buying platform to mirror the features of their brand. This way, users aren’t caught off guard by an unfamiliar page, and can easily navigate the system to find what they need.

BuyerQuest also offers home page widgets that allow users to create individual interfaces. We know user adoption is crucial, so we always go the extra mile to be what you—and your users—need.

BuyerQuest is flexible with more than design. Our solution efficiently integrates with major ERP systems, leverages web services for real-time transactions, and can tie into a multitude of back-end or upstream systems and functions. This allows customers to create flexible workflows across the entire organization.




4. Control

The eProcurement team can’t succeed without control. Spend, supplier, and workflow controls are all important. BuyerQuest lets you configure and control them all.

Our intuitive administrative panel lets you change suppliers, business rules, user access, and workflows without help from your IT team (or our team).

Approvals and workflow don’t require coding; they’re based on a series of customer-established, business-enabled logic defined by your team.

As a bonus, the cloud-based nature of BuyerQuest allows users to access the application from a location that’s convenient to them, even on mobile.



5. Supplier Transparency

Suppliers are a big piece of the procurement puzzle. A strong supplier relationship can lead to big savings, better product options, and increased efficiency. So we know it’s important to empower suppliers too.

With Supplier Self-Service tools that transmit data and provide catalog content through the BuyerQuest Network, suppliers can do more than sell goods and services. Real-time data and insight into what users are buying help suppliers (and your business) make the most of contracts.

Establishing good supplier relationships improves more than your bottom line. Accounts Payable (AP) organizations are often consumed by tactical activities that stem from paper invoices, disjointed Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes, and poor communication with suppliers. BuyerQuest enables AP to reduce busy work and supplier noise with high levels of touchless invoice transactions.




Now you know what makes BuyerQuest different. The future of eProcurement is here. Ready to see for yourself? 

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