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3 Ways BuyerQuest Drives Enterprise Flexibility in Procure-to-Pay

Published April 7, 2016 at 12:37 PM

At BuyerQuest, we work with some of the largest companies and universities in the world. They know having a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution that provides flexibility and support is critical to operational success, user adoption and supplier participation.

We firmly believe that the sum of all parts is greater than the whole. That’s why we pride ourselves on being customer-centric and flexible.

From day one, we align ourselves with our customers to understand which features and developments are required to exceed expectations and create an outstanding experience. Our team collaborates with customers to understand their “qualifying” and “nice-to-have” features.

For example, during a kickoff call with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, they shared that exposing the supplier certifications when buying is important to them. So, we worked to make sure that their supplier diversity program requirements were factored into the buying experience for their end users.

Client ideas and requirements like this helped shape the powerful enhancements all our customers benefit from in BuyerQuest.

Below are three customer-driven features in our most recent product release that help drive flexibility in P2P.

1. Improve visibility into supplier certifications.

Within BuyerQuest, end users can see their supplier (MWBE) certifications as part of their buying process. We created a supplier information feature that’s accessible directly from the product details page. In addition, we enhanced the shop-by-supplier functionality to make it easier to channel spend based on supplier certifications. 



The above image contains demo data and may not represent actual data.

2. Personalize the end user’s shopping experience.

Our customers always prefer a personalized and targeted shopping experience for end users. Within BuyerQuest 6.5, admins have the ability to configure the homepage as they see fit. Users, depending on their access and buying group, can see information specific to them and their needs.

Further improving the user’s experience in BuyerQuest, specific widgets and features that are meaningful in the buying process—such as maintaining a history of transferred carts for easier re-ordering—are now available.

3. Gain powerful insights into your marketplace and inventory.

Having complete visibility into the category and supplier coverage at any given time is critical for large organizations.

Some of our customers encourage end users to check inventory before making any new purchases. To make this possible, we created a feature to export category, supplier and product exports to give complete visibility into what’s available on-hand and in their marketplace.

Beyond flexibility, our team brings common best practices to lead the requirements discussion with customers. Our goal is to understand client processes and how they run their business, so BuyerQuest can act as a trusted advisor. We even have a Client Visionary Council that is driving meaningful changes and improvements for all of our customers.

When looking at P2P vendors, it’s important to figure out which solutions have the flexibility and willingness to work with your needs. Otherwise, you may get a, “like it or leave it” response.

Curious to learn more about how BuyerQuest empowers end users? Watch this short video.

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