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BuyerQuest v6.7 Release Delivers Unmatched eProcurement Experience and IBM Watson API Integration

Published August 29, 2016 at 7:00 AM


CLEVELAND, OHIO  - BuyerQuest, a market-leading enterprise Procure-to-Pay software company, is excited to announce the latest software release - BuyerQuest v6.7, referenced internally as ‘Chicago’. The product enhancements include an IBM Watson API in our Supplier Management; eProcurement solutions, improvements to core modules within the platform, and new functionality within the UX / UI.

"BuyerQuest is committed to supporting customer goals and delivering the best Procure-to-Pay experience possible,” said Salman Siddiqui, Chief Product Officer of BuyerQuest. “BuyerQuest v6.7 is proof of that mission. BuyerQuest has enabled dozens of new features that keep us on the leading edge of enterprise procurement innovation. Everything we design and build within the BuyerQuest platform is done with a ‘mobile-first’ approach and a laser focus on usability.”

Notable product enhancements released in BuyerQuest v6.7 include:

  • Integration with IBM Watson: Through BuyerQuest’s strategic partnership with IBM, BuyerQuest leveraged real-time integration with IBM Watson to enable BuyerQuest users the ability to view real-time supplier data. The supplier information will help category managers to better assess supplier risk and make better, quicker decisions in troubleshooting supplier issues.
  • Improved usability for eProcurement: Within BuyerQuest’s shopping experience, products and services can now be associated to multiple spend categories. This feature enables users to find what they need more intuitively and presents category managers with more flexibility to drive higher levels of contract compliance
  • Expanded multi-currency support: More than 170 currencies are supported for multi-currency within the Procure-to-Pay process
  • Advanced Features around Commodity Codes: The UNSPSC / Commodity Code import; translation capabilities were enhanced to allow for better governance; a more streamlined process for managing millions of products; services within the category trees.
  • Advanced shopping capabilities to streamline repeat purchases: For power users in BuyerQuest, the saved shopping list functionality has been extended to support goods / services with custom options and product / service bundles
  • UI enhancements for dynamic screen sizes: BuyerQuest is built on a responsive framework with a mobile-first approach to all design. In this release, BuyerQuest made some advanced improvements to the responsive framework to drive better usability on increasingly larger monitors / displays.

“BuyerQuest continues to blaze the path on the P2P innovation trail,” said Jack Mulloy, CEO of BuyerQuest. “With our ‘Chicago’ product release, BuyerQuest becomes the only enterprise P2P solution to enable cognitive capabilities. Through cognitive, there is tremendous opportunity to make Procure-to-Pay processes more intelligent than ever before and we look forward to working closely with IBM to lead this charge”

About BuyerQuest

BuyerQuest is an enterprise Procure-to-Pay platform that delivers an eCommerce-like shopping experience for the world’s largest companies. Our evolutionary software streamlines the buying process to increase user adoption, drive contract compliance, and, ultimately, save companies money. BuyerQuest customers have the spend transparency, deep insights, and advanced intelligence capabilities to focus more on their jobs, and less on paperwork. Global organizations like McDonald’s, Kimberly-Clark, Aramco (and many others) use BuyerQuest to transform and manage their entire procure-to-pay process.

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