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Buying Efficiencies Increase when Organizations Curate and Customize Product Information

Published September 5, 2017 at 11:05 AM

With its Content Curation feature, BuyerQuest rolls out an easy-to-use and effective tool for organizations to truly customize product and service information and build a supportive, guided environment for their busy buyers.

The feature enables quick and easy edits and additions to product names and descriptions that give buyers the information they need to order the right products the right way.  

Businesses provide their own alternate product names and descriptions to meet their unique buying needs.  Their custom product information is available for search and display along with – but maintained separately from – the original product information provided by suppliers.  

BuyerQuest’s Content Curation function can be used by organizations to provide custom names for products and services, additional keywords, ordering instructions, and regulatory compliance notes in addition to expanded abbreviations and descriptions.

This powerful feature extends control and management of product information to the buying organization where it can be leveraged in a myriad clever ways to save time and bolster effective procurement practices such as the following:

  • Create ad hoc kits for one-time use or for reorder with the addition of keywords identifying a purpose, time, or workgroup in the product name or description.  
  • Zero in on products needed for a department by adding its name to a description.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements with the addition of code citations in product names or descriptions.
  • Provide ordering information and configuration instructions  – number, size, color, companion products – and bake them into product information to eliminate the need to maintain separate instructions.
  • Add shipping and accounting combinations to product descriptions to integrate and comply with business requirements.

When a buying organization can attach its own names and instructions to a product or service, the buying journey is easier to navigate for users and adoption increases.  Content Curation provides an easy way for organizations to reduce complexity and noise and to clearly communicate business requirements and practices. The net result is greater adoption of a straightforward and effective buying process by those to whom it matters most – an organization’s buyers.

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