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Case Study: BuyerQuest Integrated Catalogs and Maximo Asset Management

Published June 11, 2020 at 3:00 PM

We’ve recently discussed the opportunities and benefits of incorporating robust search and purchasing capabilities with EAMs such as Maximo including the time and resource savings. One recent BuyerQuest customer’s story illustrates the value of connecting Maximo with BuyerQuest’s Integrated Catalogs

Our customer was already realizing significant results with their Maximo asset management system, the technology allowed them deep insights into their assets and improved reliability and extended life cycles of their critical business assets.  However, they were getting feedback from the maintenance team that the process to acquire replacement parts, and other maintenance-related equipment was cumbersome, time consuming and generally inefficient. The end result was that maintenance teams were taking more time than needed to find and procure the right part, extending the overall time required for maintenance and repairs. 

This company engaged BuyerQuest to help.  Our Amazon-like purchasing experience makes it easy to search a broad range of supplier products rapidly, with an intuitive interface that feels more like shopping at home than at work.  Within the BuyerQuest Integrated Catalog solution, users are able to transfer from Maximo purchase requisition or work order into BuyerQuest’s e-commerce style interface.  From there, the user can “shop”, searching for the right parts from your pre-negotiated vendors. Once all the items have been added to their shopping cart, the user simply returns to the work order, and all the selected items appear for the continued processing in Maximo, including request approvals, conversion to a purchase order and submission to the vendor.

By using BuyerQuest Integrated Catalogs in conjunction with Maximo, this company expects to realize benefits such as increased visibility to on-contract spending and costs associated with work orders.  The BuyerQuest e-commerce interface also means that training of new and existing staff will be rapid and will encourage high levels of user adoption to the new process.  

For businesses that need to extend the value of their Maximo Solution, BuyerQuest’s integrated Catalogs deliver increased return on investment and seamless integration to Work Orders, Job Plans, and Purchase Requisitions.

Read about BuyerQuest’s solution for IBM Maximo.

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