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Driving Value with BuyerQuest® Procure-to-Pay

Published May 21, 2021 at 9:15 AM

Recently the BuyerQuest team was able to participate in two procurement-focused events where we could share our experiences automating and streamlining the procure-to-pay process for leading companies. During these sessions, BuyerQuest discussed the internal and external pressures facing procurement professionals and the role that the BuyerQuest technology platform plays in addressing these challenges and driving quantifiable ROI.

Creating a Seamless User Experience

At the recent Quest Oracle event, we shared with the participants the challenges facing procurement organizations as they struggle with evolving buyer expectations and cumbersome, time-consuming purchasing processes. During the session, we highlighted the unique capabilities of the BuyerQuest Procure-to-Pay platform including features such as the following:

  • Managing spend within a single solution. By managing both goods and services within a single technology, users can follow a single process for making purchases and procurement has one technology for reporting and analysis.
  • Leveraging a simple, consumer-like shopping experience. Making the buying process as consumer-like as possible promotes high levels of user adoption.
  • Easily finding core list contract items. Directing users to the items that are part of negotiated contracts helps to realize savings with key suppliers.

Leveraging a Single Platform for Buying

At the recent Sourcing Industry Group Procurement Technology Summit, Josh Volchko of BuyerQuest led a breakout session entitled, “Demonstrate the Most User-Friendly Procurement Platform in the World”. During the session, Josh shared a broad overview of the history and development of the BuyerQuest platform, explaining that the technology was developed to meet the user experience needs of casual buyers while complying with on-contract spend for procurement teams.

Josh noted some of the most common challenges of procurement leaders today, and how the BuyerQuest Platform is specifically designed to address those needs. Josh highlighted the following key capabilities during his session.

  • Simple User Experience. An easy-to-understand, intuitive interface nearly eliminates the need for training.
  • Single Solution for Contracts through Payments. With a single solution managing the full procure-to-pay process, both casual users and procurement teams benefit from one process for purchasing and a single point for analysis.
  • Seamless integration to all back-end systems. Integration to leading ERP and MRP technologies simplifies buying for users while ensuring all the controls from the ERP and MRP are leveraged.

Attendees of both events were better able to understand the impact that a B2C-like purchasing experience can have on their procurement organizations. With a single solution that requires little end-user training and encourages high levels of user adoption, procurement organizations can realize tangible benefits as compliant purchases increase and off-contract spending decreases. By automating the process from purchase to payment, procurement is able to streamline payments and improve supplier relationships.

Learn more about the BuyerQuest Procure-to-Pay Platform.

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