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Fortune 500 Global Construction Firm Deploys BuyerQuest to 10,000 Users in One Day

Published November 9, 2017 at 11:10 AM

We regularly speak with our customers and prospects about the importance of driving user adoption as it relates to the ultimate success of any eProcurement deployment. Whether it is reducing P-Card usage or driving users to "do the right thing" because it is the easiest thing to do,  your eProcurement solution must be capable of supporting a consumer-like shopping experience for the broader user community in order for them to willingly adopt and employ your technology-enabled processes.

One of our customers - a large, global construction company - had the opportunity to see a real-time test of their user adoption strategy earlier this week when they rolled out BuyerQuest to more than 10,000 users . . . in a single day.   

One of the critical success factors in this extremely well-executed deployment was the focus that our customer placed on the user experience and how it would play across a distributed, and sometimes remote,  operational footprint.  They did a really good job of understanding the requirements of their diverse user base.  They also had a well thought out, well executed technology plan that included tight integration of BuyerQuest and SAP as well as a sophisticated content strategy that required the support of nearly 2 million approved SKUs.

We think this is yet another example of how important an intuitive eProcurement solution is to the success of a strategic eProcurement deployment.  With a technology that has the feel of a "walk-up", highly usable, interface, businesses like this construction company can expect high levels of adoption and purchase compliance without the need for complex training.

With more users buying through BuyerQuest, on-contract purchases will go up, with reductions in maverick spending. In addition, BuyerQuest customers have seen less reliance on the support organization and shortened training and technology on-boarding cycle time.

Companies like this construction company, along with businesses across industries, including educational services, quick service restaurants, consumer goods and more have all realized that the success of Procurement rests in the hands of their user community. Give the users the tools to make purchasing easy, and the job of procurement becomes much less difficult.

To learn more about the importance of User Adoption to make the difference with a successful eProcurement project, download the Case Study

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