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How Big is your Shopping Cart? High Volume Search - Buy - Pay

Published April 10, 2018 at 10:03 AM

When considering shopping carts and the B2C buying experience, most think of buying 1 or 2 things, or maybe placing a "large" order of 10 - 15 items, but what about the B2B world, where orders, particularly where a site is doing a large, single order, or a company buying to fulfill a bill of materials?

For procurement organizations that think applying B2C capabilities to their Search - Buy - Pay process won't work because of the inability to scale and support larger orders, things have changed and technologies like BuyerQuest are specifically designed with scalability in mind.

Consider a company that needs to procure a large bill of materials. With current technologies and processes, this function is riddled with fulfillment errors and lack of visibility into inventories. The buyer has to split orders, do offline, manual “optimization” to determine what to pull from inventory and what to order, and finally transform that into the actual orders in the system. The result is delayed projects and higher costs. As common as this type of purchasing process is, most existing technologies are limited in their ability to support this process with both scale and efficiency.

Buyers need to focus on what the BOM contains, not how to buy it. The system should manage the process. With BuyerQuest, the process is simple. BuyerQuest offers unique capabilities to streamline this process with the ability to support large, complex shopping carts with configurable, automated workflows to drive approval, PO creation, invoicing and payments.

With BuyerQuest, large bill of materials can be rapidly ordered by simply uploading the list. The system will take care of searching, validating and ordering the BOM into one or many purchases as required. In addition, items with multiple hits, no hits or configurable items are highlighted, allowing the user to bulk search for the items to fill the cart.

For BuyerQuest users, this cumbersome, time-consuming, and often manual processes is transformed into an efficient, easy to use activity, saving time, money and resources.

If your procurement organization is struggling with large, recurring purchases, contact BuyerQuest today.

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