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How BuyerQuest Simplifies Buying for the Construction industry

Published November 28, 2018 at 1:06 PM

We recently highlighted the challenges faced by construction businesses as they try to maximize profits in the face of low levels of technology adoption across the industry.

A clear area of opportunity is automation of the purchasing process.  A procurement platform that offers a simplified, efficient buying experience can dramatically impact the building project, which relies on receiving the right materials and at the right time to be efficient and profitable.

The successful use of procurement technology helps construction companies drive more profit by keeping spend under control. This all starts with the user experience and includes areas such as:

Simplified Checkout Process - Most procurement solutions require users go through an overly-complicated, multi-step checkout process with no ability to edit ‘accounting’ or ‘ship-to’ information at the line-item level.  A simplified, ‘One-Click’ checkout offers users the same simplified checkout experience they have grown accustomed to on technology platforms like Amazon. 

Improved Integration with Supplier's Catalogs - When buyers need to create a request for replacement parts, the punchout process is often over complicated and cumbersome. Offering users a way to seamlessly navigate to and integrate with suppliers' catalogs creates a dramatically simplified buying experience.

Providing a  Method for Requisitioners to Collaborate on a Request With multiple teams and shifts working on a project, many construction companies struggle with duplicate and incomplete orders, which leads to unnecessary returns, change orders and high shipping costs.  Creating a request that can then be shared with other team members for feedback - prior to submitting it for approval - ensures order accuracy while maximizing shipping costs and reducing change orders.

Making buying easier, particularly at an active construction site, has a real impact to the project’s ability to stay on-time and on-budget, driving higher profitability and improved resource availability for additional projects.

Learn more about BuyerQuest’s unique capabilities.   

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