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Integrating BuyerQuest Marketplace - a Real-World Example

Published January 27, 2021 at 9:00 AM

For one business, the challenges of managing procurement across decentralized,  diverse business units, geographies and users became a challenge with their existing enterprise SRM system.  Like many businesses, the user group wanted a business to consumer buying experience when they made purchases at work.  Integrating BuyerQuest Marketplace with their existing requisition system was able to simplify and streamline the purchasing process.

Challenge of a Large, Diverse, Multinational Enterprise

This business consists of a complex environment, with each diverse subsidiary and affiliate each having different purchasing needs and timelines. In certain scenarios, products are needed almost immediately to meet direct-to-consumer demands. By contrast, the other groups operate offsite, away from the corporate offices, and need a flexible procurement experience.

End users are purchasing supplies across many different channels from a variety of vendors. With this level of complex buying, the business's goal was to simplify the channel strategy and deliver the right tools that create a B2C experience.
Similar to most businesses, the user population varied dramatically in their experience and embrace of new technologies. While some had years of experience with the existing legacy systems, others were quick to embrace new technologies. Purchasing is just a small part of their overall responsibility, and they all expect the process to be as easy as buying at home.

Unfortunately, the existing P2P system, while delivering some value, was cumbersome for the user community to make purchases. As a result, the technology was only adopted by a small number of users across only a few categories, creating unmanaged, siloed procurement with no economies of scale.

Developing a Strategy

While purchasing is decentralized, the business processes are managed as corporate functions with shared technology and processes. The procurement team striving to meet their corporate objectives, knew that if they can make the purchasing experience as simple as possible, they could drive high levels of user adoption and reduce off-contract spend. With high levels of purchasing going through procurement, the organization could analyze buying trends and uncover opportunities such as shared vendors across business units, etc.

This company realized they needed a user-friendly, B2C experience for their user community. The technology needed to be easy to use, requiring little to no training, and able to be quickly deployed across 10s of thousands of users..

Engaging BuyerQuest Marketplace


Looking to energize their user community and develop a user-friendly buying experience across their global enterprise, the company looked to the BuyerQuest Marketplace. BuyerQuest Marketplace delivered the B2C purchasing experience the user community needed while integrating into the controls of the existing, centralized purchasing processes. Users start their requisition in the existing P2P system, seamlessly moving into BuyerQuest marketplace, where their user experience and searchable goods and categories are restricted based on their specific division, geography and role, making finding and selecting the right, on-contract product simple. Once completed, the BuyerQuest marketplace shopping cart is transferred back to the P2P system for continued requisition processing.

Quantifiable Results

icon-on-contract-chartWithin the first month of their use of BuyerQuest Marketplace, this company saw their procurement user adoption metric reach an all-time high, with tens of thousands of users making purchases in that first month. That trend continued with the company achieving its cost savings and rebate targets within 6 months.

BuyerQuest Marketplace was able to deliver the user community exactly what it needed; an easy to use purchasing experience that required little to no training because it closely mimics the online buying experience users have at home. As a result, user adoption skyrocketed, allowing the procurement organization to achieve their goals of higher on-contract spend and greater savings contributions to the corporate bottom-line.

If your business is struggling with high levels of off-contract spend, learn how BuyerQuest Marketplace can integrate with your existing systems and processes to drive user adoption.

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