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Learnings from a BuyerQuest Platform User

Published May 19, 2018 at 9:02 AM

During our regularly scheduled BuyerQuest product advisory meetings, we often have the pleasure of hearing directly from one of our clients and their experiences and learnings. At our most recent meeting, a client shared their insights specific to providing a B2C buying experience for their end users across a wide array of categories.

A Real World Example

The Challenge:

Given the size of their catalog, operation, etc, the catalog management capabilities in their current eProcurement system were not meeting their needs.

The Solution:

As a result, they searched for a solution that could provide a B2C buying experience, while integrating into their existing procurement system, and supporting thousands of users that are spread enterprise-wide across the world.

This customer is actively managing their Marketplace to ensure their end users can efficiently find the items for which they are searching, and in the process build a positive opinion of the program.  Their plan involves 3 key pillars.

Operate with a B2C Mindset.  

This company has taken the time and effort to ensure that the buyers at the company have a B2C-like experience when shopping at work.  As a result of listening to constituents and having a mindset of continuous improvement, the company has built a site that optimizes their "real-estate" on the site to encourage efficiency and interaction.  Regular updates ensure a fresh look

Build Strategic Partner Relationships  

When discussing their different constituencies, the customer noted that this includes suppliers, end users and the different lines of business.  For each stakeholder, the company has a plan for engagement.

    • Supportive interaction with suppliers. For this company, supplier interaction is not just getting a catalog, but making sure what information is provided is what is expected. To engage suppliers, the company promotes the benefits that the supplier can realize with participation in the marketplace. This kind of collaboration results in high-quality data and support, dramatically improving the buying experience for the thousands of users
    • Engage the Stakeholders: This company actively engages across departments to facilitate and streamline their use of the marketplace. This interaction can include custom home screens or products that are made prominent on the home page to address a corporate-wide need.
    • Listen to "customers":  The administrator regularly reviews search results to uncover any issues. The company engages a core user group for continuous feedback, incorporating their feedback and change requests into new capabilities. The administrator is regularly reviewing how products are featured and where supplier data needs improved curation.

Leverage the full Capabilities of the BuyerQuest platform. 

The use of the BuyerQuest platform has helped this customer create deeper relationships across their constituencies.  The ability to accept rich content, including images and extended details creates the opportunity for suppliers to create richer catalogs.  The user of quick links, tags and other capabilities has enabled this company to drive high levels of adoption. 

This particular customer is representative of the types of improvement and opportunities that become available through the BuyerQuest platform and another example of taking the B2C mindset and applying it to B2B procurement.

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