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Live Demonstrations of P2P Shopping and Transacting in BuyerQuest

Published August 3, 2017 at 11:00 AM

As part of any software evaluation process, companies expect to see a detailed demonstration of the technology, often against a structured list of requirements. While these demonstrations are critical to assure that the technology in question provides the needed capabilities, these presentations often get so deep into the "weeds" that technologies can look cumbersome.

Today, procurement professionals tasked with evaluating procure-to-pay technologies have more interest in seeing the software earlier in the process. These early product reviews are focused on more high level criteria such as a convenient user interface, intuitive search, or an logical workflow.

To address these needs and showcase our industry leading procurement capabilities, BuyerQuest has introduced regularly scheduled 30 minute demonstrations. These online events will allow participants to learn about BuyerQuest and how, through Cognitive Buying, end users can have an eCommerce shopping experience in their enterprise.

Attendees of the 30 minute demonstration will learn how the BuyerQuest storefront simplifies the buying experience across the organization, and by eliminating punch-outs, ensures that purchases are made under contract, reducing spend leakage. The demonstration will provide a critical overview of the technology to help attendees understand the value that a best-in-class procure-to-pay solution can have for both their procurement organization and the business as a whole.

To see the upcoming schedule of demonstrations, visit the live demo page. The schedule will be updated regularly.


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