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2017 Trend: Millennials Are Redefining Your Software Usability Requirements For The Supply Chain.

Published December 9, 2016 at 11:12 AM
Jack Mulloy

We live in a time of enormous change for Supply Chains. In the last decade, we have seen massive technology shifts that have disrupted industries and redefined competitive market boundaries. While much of the focus on these shifts has largely centered around the move to cloud and the advancements being made in cognitive computing, there is one massive shift underway across the Supply Chain that, until now, has gone largely unnoticed. 

We are talking about the changing technical demographics of your Supply Chain employee and contractor base. With each day that passes, your user base is being increasingly occupied by new, young, tech-savvy workers who have never known a life without the internet, who have grown up on XBox and iTunes and Facebook, who have a much different relationship with technology than their predecessors did several years ago.  These millenials have a completely different expectation for how technology can and should work for them.

Millennials are driving the usability agenda with respect to all enterprise software and the impact of this trend on your Supply Chain in 2017 will be greater than ever.

These millennials make no distinction between an “at-home” interface and an “at-work” interface. They just expect their software to be intuitive and easy to use. They expect to be able to use any browser, on any device, at any time. They expect to personalize their own interactive experience with the software. They expect to just walk up and use it without any training. 

In order to execute Supply Chain strategies across the enterprise, especially within Procurement, technology adoption is paramount. Indeed, for Supply Chain leadership, it is well understood that the sun rises and sets on user adoption in terms of measuring value delivered by Supply Chain technology solutions.

A critical success factor for differentiated Supply Chains in 2017 will be the ability to listen to this rapidly growing constituency, as well as the ability to deliver Supply Chain technology solutions that firmly meet their user experience expectations..

Win over the millennials in 2017 and you will win adoption across the whole Supply Chain for the next decade.

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