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Solution Spotlight on BuyerQuest

Published April 20, 2018 at 12:05 PM

Procurement professionals are continuing to see their level of importance to the enterprise increasing. With this increased visibility comes the opportunity to transform their procurement organization into a stronger and more agile component of the overall business. One area to address is enhancement of the procure-to-pay (P2P) process through the use of technology.

Many procurement organizations find that their challenge is streamlining the Search - Buy - Pay process with a particular focus on driving more users to perform purchasing through approved processes. More and more companies are looking at the B2C purchasing experience to find ways to apply those capabilities to the B2B process.

Streamline Search - Buy - Pay

Determining the technology that is best able to apply B2C strategies to the B2B purchasing process can be a daunting task. Online research can deliver overwhelming results and other methods can be time-consuming.

Ardent Partners, a research and advisory firm, "focused on defining and advancing the supply management strategies, processes, and technologies that drive business value and accelerate organizational transformation within the enterprise," recently completed their Solution Spotlight on BuyerQuest. 

As part of their analysis, they noted that BuyerQuest, "...offers its clients a powerful shopping experience more similar to how consumers shop on Amazon or eBay than what is generally available in the market today"

Comprehensive Overview 

Their comprehensive overview of BuyerQuest provides an independent analysis and commentary including areas such as the following: 

  • Marketplace - "The overall design and architecture of the marketplace is more similar to those found in leading eCommerce sites than almost any other offering in the market today"
  • eProcurement - "The BuyerQuest team worked to create a platform where system administrators were managing a system more similar to an eCommerce storefront than a procurement system."
  • Procure-to-Pay - "BuyerQuest extends its Marketplace and eProcurement, with eInvoicing and settlement capabilities that allow its customers to complete a closed-loop Procure-to-Pay process
  • Analytics -- "By combining transactional data with behavioral intelligence, the Analytics module offers the client a multi-dimensional view into its spending patterns".

BuyerQuest may be the right solution for you. Our Search - Buy - Pay technology creates a B2C experience for your B2B purchasing, driving high adoption and purchasing compliance. 

If, like many procurement organizations,  you are searching for ways to apply technology that simplifies and streamlines your user's buying experience, take a few moments, download this report, and learn what a leading analyst says about BuyerQuest. 

Read the  Report

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