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Take Your Oracle Procurement Software to the Next Level

Published September 2, 2020 at 12:00 PM

While Oracle’s ERP technology covers a vast area of business operations, including Oracle procurement software, recent customer feedback reveals some limitations specific to the user experience. 

The G2 website  tracks product reviews from real Oracle customers--like you. They shared the following feedback: 

  • “...From a user interaction standpoint it could have been a bit better”
  • “The search engine is a bit rough…”
  • “Search is not intuitive is a bit difficult to grasp.”

For most businesses, the feedback on the user interface is probably impacting the bottom line, by causing rogue spend or requisitioner inefficiencies.  In those cases, the addition of BuyerQuest Private Marketplace can help impact the overall ROI for your Oracle ERP.

BuyerQuest Makes Oracle Better

BuyerQuest offers a seamlessly integrated Private Marketplace solution that takes Oracle procurement software to the next level.  Built on the idea that procurement at work should be as easy as online shopping at home, 


BuyerQuest gives casual buyers an intuitive user interface and intelligent search capabilities to quickly find the right product.  With the tight integration to Oracle, there is no need for duplicate entry of information, as the contents of the BuyerQuest shopping cart are passed back to be processed in Oracle’s Source-to-Pay system.

The addition of BuyerQuest Private Marketplace to Oracle ERP provides a better procurement experience. 

  • Simple and efficient product selection - Search and Browse for Products and Services with a modern interface, allowing your users to quickly find the products and services they need from the catalog
  • Fast reordering - Your users can reorder Products and Services quickly, either directly from their previous orders or by leveraging saved shopping lists.
  • Collaborate with Suppliers - Communication is the key to success. Allow your users to communicate and collaborate directly with Suppliers

With BuyerQuest Private Marketplace, businesses with Oracle procurement software can expect to see quantifiable improvements in user adoption, purchasing compliance and on-contract spend.

Unsure if BuyerQuest Private Marketplace is the right fit for you?  Consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a large group of buyers outside of the Purchasing group?
  • Were those buyers able to easily understand and use Oracle with little training?
  • Do you still find purchases happening off-contract, and can those off-contract purchases be tied to users choosing not to make purchases in Oracle?
  • Has the user community feedback included frustrations with search or finding the right product?

If you can answer “yes” to 1 or more of those questions, the addition of BuyerQuest should be explored as part of your purchasing solution.

Learn more about how BuyerQuest Marketplace can drive additional value and make Oracle better.

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