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The Cleveland Way

Published December 10, 2019 at 8:39 AM

We recently held our annual Christmas Party in our hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.  We were surrounded by our founders, our leaders, innovators, creators and seed planters, in celebration of the most successful year in BuyerQuest’s history.  

We were so honored to receive the ‘Innovative Solution of the Year’ by Ardent Partners, and we’re so thankful for our clients helping us to maintain the highest ranking on Gartner and G2.   To top off this great year we recently learned that SpendMatters placed BuyerQuest in the top right quadrant, and with a 30% growth rate this year we expect to roll this momentum into an even more successful 2020.  This means big things for our clients!  New partnerships that will deliver the most perfect buying experience for our customers; a true game-changer.  

We can’t wait to reveal our BIG news in 2020!

Accelerated Growth from the Beginning

The inception of BuyerQuest was birthed from the idea that ‘Buying at work can be as simple as buying at home.’ With our founders hands gripping the pulse of procurement during their days at Ariba in the late 90’s, and then starting a consultancy to help clients navigate the rough waters of enterprise software in the early 2000’s - they discovered that each organization, each industry is too complex, too unique to be satisfied by a solution that requires a sort of ‘tribal knowledge’ to navigate.  

Our very first customer, one of the largest, most successful companies in the world had spent millions in the pursuit of a scalable, user-friendly solution that could meet their needs.  When they partnered with BuyerQuest they saved $2.8 million in contract savings in the first twelve months!  Word spread fast in the quick service food industry and BuyerQuest became a household name in fast food.  “You want fries with that.”

Since our start in fast food we grew partnerships in nearly every industry, Saudi Aramco, an early BuyerQuest customer, achieved unparalleled success with BuyerQuest and has grown their supply chain into a robust engine of success.  This acclaimed partner is the biggest company in the world and touts BuyerQuest, an eProcurement software company in Cleveland, Ohio for our involvement in their success.  

We built a solution that meets each organization wherever they are and grows with the organization.  Regardless of industry, spend, or complexities - if it’s construction, hospitality, media, healthcare, space exploration, transportation - our solution will do what you tell it to do; it will learn your behavior and adapt to any industry no matter the complexities.  Our customers across all industries rave about BQ service, support and usability. We believe that’s the story of our success, our clients, our partners. Those that took a risk on the BQ ‘underdog’ story and reaped the rewards of doing it the ‘Cleveland Way’ vs the ‘Silicon Valley Way’.

Our Mantra       

We have an Art Williams poster hanging in the BQ office...

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy - I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”  

It’s a mantra here at BuyerQuest, because we know the more you stand out in the crowd the more targeted you are by the crowd, and it takes courage to be different.  We wanted to build something that could evolve into whatever the organization needed, using AI to create a self maintained, constantly evolving platform, that gives the organization, the visibility and ease of use they’ve been begging for.

It hasn’t been easy, friends, but man, it was worth it!  We use the phrase “keep pounding” here a lot here at BuyerQuest because even on our best day, after a successful year there’s still this fire in us that says, “don’t settle, keep pounding”.  As a leader in procurement software we are humbled by our beginnings, and we’re thankful for our success, but we never want to become complacent, so we welcome the most challenging use cases, organizational complexities, because our clients deserve our best, and the more open we are to trials and challenges, the better we are for our customers.  

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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