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What Makes BuyerQuest Different? — It’s a Matter of Support

Published November 6, 2018 at 10:25 AM

We often talk on this blog about the value of BuyerQuest to the end-user purchasing experience.  Our intuitive user interface and smart search capabilities make it easy for a casual user to log in, find the items they want, and submit the requisition for approval.  But, that is only part of what makes a customer’s experience with BuyerQuest unique.

In a continuing effort to improve our products and services, we regularly survey our customers to learn about the experiences with BuyerQuest. One area where we are proud to regularly receive high marks is our support.Quote

Just recently, a customer shared this experience, ““I wanted to send a quick thank you note for the “white glove” service you’ve offered as we enhance our supplier catalogs.  This work is critical to optimizing our user experience and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Thank you for going to the next level and taking the initiative on as your own work.  It’s truly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed! Thank you!””

The Importance of Product Support

Product support is often overlooked, particularly by SaaS software providers who overestimate how “easy” it may be to use their product.  SaaS customers realize that critical business systems, like Procure-to-Pay, need reliable, high-quality support from representatives that have the expertise to quickly resolve issues.  These customers expect strong levels of support from their Procure-to-Pay provider. Unfortunately, this provider is often unable to deliver the expected level of support, leaving the customer to wait longer than needed to resolve an issue, directly impacting their business.    

BuyerQuest takes product support seriously. Realizing that procurement is critical to business success, we have structured a comprehensive support infrastructure that allows us to not only respond rapidly to urgent issues, but not lose sight of the “less critical” input that comes from new feature and product improvement requests.

Is your Procure-to-Pay SaaS provider similarly focused?

Visit BuyerQuest's Procure-to-Pay Suite Review Page, hosted by Gartner, to read unbiased reviews from our customers. 

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