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Who To Follow For Procurement Trends & Insights

Published February 25, 2016 at 12:50 PM

In the words of Forrester, “No single vendor dominates the ePurchasing market, leaving buyers with many choices among vendors that are hungry for business.” Identifying the ideal solution for your organization is no simple task.

Every business is unique. Some companies may need a mixed portfolio of best-in-breed solutions, and others might be best served with an end-to-end alternative. Either way, it’s critical that procurement professionals stay in the know on new market entrances and newfound market innovations.

But, how do you keep up? We recommend immersing yourself in relevant trade news and conversations online.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 trade writers, analysts, and experts we follow to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in procurement.  

Top 11 Experts for eProcurement & P2P    

Since it’s impossible to objectively score one over another, we opted to rank our top picks according to their number of Twitter followers.

  1. Mark Perera (@markperera) Perera is a founder of the global intelligence network, Procurement Leaders. This group “provides independent strategic research, category intelligence, and access to a unique global community aimed at uncovering innovations and driving value.” You can also follow @procurementmag for regular updates from the group.

  2. Paul Snell (@procurementpaul) Snell is a journalist, writing about procurement and strategic sourcing at Supply Management Magazine and Supply Business Magazine. In 2014, he was named among the top 24 most influential people in procurement.

  3. Kevin O’Marah (@komarah) O’Marah is the chief content officer at SCMWorld. Previously, he served as a senior research fellow for the Stanford Value Chain Innovation Initiative and was also involved in supply chain research at Gartner. He recently wrote a piece on how Amazon is “Greening America” in Forbes.

  4. Andrew Bartolini (@andrewbartolini) Bartolini is the publisher of CPO Rising, and a frequent speaker in the supply chain field. An understatement, he’s spoken at more than 250 events in eight countries. You may have also seen his name in publications like The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, among others.

  5. Jonathan Webb (@j_p_webb) Web is the head of strategy at Procurement Leaders. He frequently speaks at conferences, roundtables and seminars, and he’s also a regular Forbes contributor. Check out his latest work on supply chain ethics.

  6. Duncan Jones (@duncanwjones) Jones is a vice president and principal analyst serving sourcing and vendor management professionals. Forrester calls him “a leading expert of ePurchasing technologies” and consults on software solution decision-making. Follow his sourcing and vendor management blog for regular insights.

  7. Jonathan O’Brien (@jonathan_obrien) O’Brien is the CEO of Positive Purchasing. He’s also written several trade books, including Negotiation for Purchasing Professionals and Category Management in Purchasing: A Strategic Approach to Maximize Business Profitability.

  8. Gayla Sullivan (@SullivanGayla) A research director at Gartner, Sullivan covers topics like strategic vendor management, vendor risk, performance, and contact and relationship management. Follow her latest blog posts via the Gartner Blog Home Network.

  9. Bryan Ball (@bryanballSCM) Ball is the vice president and principal analyst for Aberdeen’s Supply Chain and Supplier Management research practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and is often featured at live events and in leading trade publications.

  10. Pierre Mitchell (@SupplyMatters) Mitchell is the chief research officer and managing partner at Azul Partners, Inc. (the publishing firm of Spend Matters, among others). He has more than 25 years of industry experience, and has worked directly with “so many CPOs and future CPOs." See his full bio via Spend Matters (@spendmatters).

  11. Matthew Joe Fisher (@Matt_BQMatt is a twenty-year vet in eProcurement, co-founder of BuyerQuest and PunchOutCatalogs.com, supplier enablement enthusiast,  chief evangelist officer for Suppliers Matter (@SuppliersMatt)—a supplier enablement blog, and B2B Uptime, a punchout monitoring service. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are many other subject matter experts worth following. Who would you add to our list? Please feel free to share in the comments below!


Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Kathleen Zarubin


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