Case Studies

White Actionable Intelligence

Creating Actionable Spend Intelligence

Capturing 100% of Indirect Spend

A Consumer Packaged Good company's existing requisitioning process was outdated and required an inordinate amount of manual intervention to operate leading to resource waste on time-consuming processes.

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AP Invoice Automation Case Study Cover

Meeting the Challenge of AP Invoice Automation

Strong user adoption propels digital invoicing

A highly decentralized childhood education organization with nearly 2,000 locations and 25,000 employees recognized that to meet their fiscal goals they would need to fully automate their Accounts Payable processes.

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Catalog Management  Case Study Cover

Solving for Catalog Management and User Adoption

Not only is Aramco SAP’s largest customer by far, but on many levels, Aramco is the largest company in the entire world.

Prior to BuyerQuest, Saudi Aramco was using standard SAP functionality, which had a poor impact on the overall user experience. From a requisitioning standpoint, searching the site was painful for users.

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Decentralized Spend Case Study Cover

Meeting the Challenge of Decentralized Spend

Centralizing Spend Across a Large Geographic Footprint

A global Quick Service Restaurant group was looking to leverage the combined buying power of thousands of franchisees but struggled due to adoption issues with a previous solution. Due to a non-mandated culture which discouraged pushing corporate initiatives, any centrally owned solution had to be adopted organically and completely voluntarily. The

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Increase On-Contract Spend Case Study Cover

Meeting the Challenge of Contract Leakage

Increasing Preferred, On-Contract Spend

A global Media & Entertainment company's pre-existing procurement solution was inflexible and suffered from poor usability that resulted in limited adoption and sparse category coverage. This produced a series of unmanaged, siloed procurement programs that precluded any possible synergies or policy standardization.

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Marketplace Solution Case Study Cover

Implementing a Marketplace Solution

Deploying BuyerQuest Marketplace to 400+ Retail Stores with Little to No Training

A Food Retailer and Distributor didn’t have a marketplace solution in place at their retail locations and were struggling with challenges like having no front-end control, the lack of spend visibility, and having numerous vendors with various methods of ordering.

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Ariba Replacement Case Study Cover

Ariba Replacement

Replacing Ariba for Direct and Indirect Procurement

A fortune 500 Manufacturing organization, with over 7,000 employees and $7B in revenue, struggled for years to get their expensive, bloated Ariba platform to meet their direct and indirect procurement needs.

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IBM Maximo Catalog Case Study Cover

IBM Maximo Private Marketplace

Enhancing the IBM Maximo Catalog Shopping Experience

A Defense Contractor focused on Maintenance Management was looking for a way to create efficiencies for their end-users by simplifying part lookup process within Maximo.

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