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It has become a standard refrain, “why is it so easy to do “fill-in-the blank” process at home, but it is so hard to do the same thing at work.” Since the rise of the internet, critics have decried the large gap between consumer (or B2C) and business (or B2B) technologies. The simple fact of the matter is that these technologies (B2C and B2B) were traditionally designed for two entirely different constituencies using entirely different design principles.


But, some supply management solution providers have taken notice and worked aggressively to change their approach to make more their offerings more usable and more powerful. In 2020, the consumerization of procurement has become more than an ideal, it is a necessity.

Leaders from BuyerQuest, Amazon Business and Ardent Partners engaged in a lively discussion on the importance and power of usable and powerful procurement solutions

Attendees to the event learned:

  • How users have become accustomed to consumer-focused devices and applications
  • The role IT has played attempting to manage and apply controls to these technologies
  • How cloud-based technologies have created more user-friendly solutions
  • The top 3 "Must Haves" to ensure a "consumerized" P2P experience



DavidStout David Stout
Head of Global Alliances and Partnerships
Amazon Business
Jack-Mulloy Jack Mulloy
SteveBraat Steve Braat
VP Strategy and Business Development
ABartolini Andrew Bartolini
Founder and Chief Research Officer
Ardent Partners