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Multiple Erps

Many systems, one marketplace


Don't let your different legacy systems slow you down

BuyerQuest can connect to multiple different legacy systems at the same time! Whether you have SAP, Maximo, Oracle or any other legacy system from which your Users procure products and services, they can all connect to one BuyerQuest Marketplace.

Facilities and operations can align

No IT involvement

One procurement team to rule them all

Maximize savings


ERP? MRP? Come and see

BuyerQuest seamlessly integrates with any and all legacy procurement systems.

Integrate, don’t aggravate


Make the most out of legacy systems

Whether you collected different systems due to mergers or organic growth, BuyerQuest can help extend the life and quality of these systems.

Support cXML, OCI, and APIs

SAP, Oracle, Maximo

Easy shopping experience

Make all your users happy


Less search, more finding

Searching may not always be the best way to find a Product. BuyerQuest offers many different options, including searching by clicking on an image.