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BuyerQuest Announces Move to New Corporate Headquarters

Posted by BuyerQuest on November 14, 2012


Cleveland, OH  - BuyerQuest, Inc. has moved to a 10,000 square foot headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The new headquarters will enable BuyerQuest to continue expansion of their U.S. operations, including Product Management, Product Development, and Customer Support staff.

Jack Mulloy, BuyerQuest CEO, is excited about strengthening the company's Northeast Ohio roots. "There are very few software companies in Ohio that present a 'Silicon Valley-like' opportunity, so we are extremely pleased to expand our presence in Cleveland and continue to build a world-class software company."

Looking forward, Mulloy is optimistic. "We're experiencing explosive growth at BuyerQuest as large companies look to control their spending through BuyerQuest's eCommerce platform. Our new facility will operate 24/7 and provide our global customers with the level of customer support they desire."

For further information about BuyerQuest's new location, visit or call 866-937-0670

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