Our Payables module streamlines and accelerates the invoicing, three-way matching, and settlement processes while reducing the time and resources spent reconciling exceptions.


BuyerQuest provides buyers and suppliers with a rich array of options to create and manage invoices, including support for creation of invoices directly in BuyerQuest or via integration in cXML, EDI or CSV formats. Our broad support for invoices includes both PO (flip) and non-PO invoices, partial invoicing, tax, shipping, handling, discounts, and miscellaneous charges.

3 Way Match

BuyerQuest streamlines the 3-way matching process for invoice reconciliation by linking purchase order, receipt, and invoice. Your organization benefits from time savings provided by configurable rules and alerts that define and establish automated or manual approval and rejection rules as well as reconcilation workflows.


BuyerQuest enables a simple, flexible payment settlement solution. Whether its processing credit card or purchasing cards payments, passing on OK -to-Pay notification to AP, or integrating with a Supply Chain finance solution, BuyerQuest can meet your settlement needs.

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