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Invoice creation transformation

Digitize invoices and increase supplier satisfaction


Increase electronic invoices to improve efficiencies

Increasing the percentage of invoices that are created electronically both helps reduce errors and drives efficiencies for your suppliers and your team. The BuyerQuest Platform provides a multitude of ways for suppliers to create invoices directly in the system.

Optimize invoice creation

Reduce transcription errors

Decrease effort for suppliers

Increase speed and efficiency

Give suppliers choice


Many invoice creation options available

Within the BuyerQuest Platform, suppliers can choose their preferred invoice creation method, including:

  • Paper-based
  • Fax
  • Email attachment (“Snap & Scan” technology)
  • Online one-click PO flip
  • E-invoicing leveraging cXML and EDI

No matter what method works best for the supplier, the BuyerQuest Platform can fully support them, to ensure the invoice is created efficiently and accurately.