Take humans out of the process

Your documents flow automatically

With pre-negotiated products and services with defined prices your purchase orders flow to suppliers without the need for human intervention.

The tools suppliers need to keep everything updated in your Marketplace make it easy to prevent downstream issues.



Electronic document exchange


Effortless 3-way matching


Increased automation


Cost reduction

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Find what you need

Buyers connect to the Marketplace and use our intelligent platform to find what they need to buy.

When ready to purchase users decide how to account for the spend and where to get the goods or services and submit their purchase request.




Step 2: Manager and Budget holder approval

Based on what is being purchased and your business rules, a set of approvers is generated and added to the workflow for the request.

Easy-to-use email notifications are sent to approvers to get the OK for the purchase. Approve right from your device or login to get more details.




Step 3: Automatic PO Generation and Supplier Notification

Once fully approved, the request automatically splits into purchase order(s) and is sent to your suppliers. There are no pricing issues because suppliers provided the price for the product or service prior to the purchase process.

Suppliers then create invoices based on the coded purchase order and back-end reporting is pre-coded.

Everything just works and no people are involved.