Our Services module empowers our customers to initiate and manage Services requests, create procurement process webforms with associated workflow, and to easily create structured processes for other Non-Catalog based purchasing requirements.

Services Requests

BuyerQuest enables your employees to shop for and submit requests for any type of service from approved suppliers. Our dynamic forms engine enables companies to achieve the same category-specific services procurement efficiencies as they do for products.

Category Forms

BuyerQuest enables you to streamline category-specific procurement processes using dynamic web forms that accommodate all types of engagement with a service provider. From regular service contracts to one-off engagements, BuyerQuest’s broad configurability enables you to operationalize a diverse range of services categories.

Non-Catalog Items

Not in the catalog? Not to worry! BuyerQuest offers a straightforward and easy process for form-enabled non-catalog requests. Buyers can easily request non-catalog items and have those requests routed through the appropriate purchasing channels for prompt fulfillment.

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