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BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Marketplace
McDonald’s started with a Marketplace that was not user-friendly at all and we needed a better solution....So we searched for a best-of-breed solution and found BuyerQuest....the application is MUCH simpler to use and has been key in driving savings and compliance among our operators.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Procurement
Minimizing the complexities of procurement is extremely important....Procurement shouldn’t be a punishment. We should be able to order the materials we need and get back to the rest of the business of what we do.....We were very successful in a very short amount of time and have been very pleased with the choice we made.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial UI
User friendly and lots of choices. The platform was easy to use and not cumbersome. The array of products were plentiful and allowed me to make informed choices.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial One Stop Shopping
Convenient one stop shop for office supplies….ability to be able to search multiple stores within one site.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Simple Search
Easy to request what I need. It's simple to search across the different suppliers and find exactly what I need - because everything is loaded in the same shopping experience, I don't have to jump to other supplier websites to compare pricing.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Eliminate Training
The easiest software to use that doesn't require any training. It's simple because you just log in and then do your shopping within no time.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Time Save
Great time save. The fact that I can go to one place to find everything that I need for the restaurant. It is a time and labor saver. I also like the fact that I have all my invoices run through corporate, and I do not have to manage sending payment to all the suppliers.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Supplier Website
I like the fact that supplier websites are quick and easy to transfer into SRM. This makes it fast & simple to get a shopping cart created in order to order small tool items & materials from vendors.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Integration
Efficient integration of merchants into a singular purchasing program. When you first open the page, its easy to click on vendors and you're automatically signed into a corporate account for checkout. Plus it's really nice to shop within multiple companies and complete one checkout. Very slick.
BuyerQuest Client Testimonial Catalog Integration
Buyerquest's eCatalog functionality and support was outstanding. We loaded 18 primary vendor data (mostly hosted data), with improved discounts, on this platform and integrated with our maintenance system (Maximo) both desktop and mobile (EZMAX). Critical success factors were met with flying colors: time to implement, intuitive 'Amazon' like search, and end-user acceptance.
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